Tom Swegle,
a serial entrepreneur
who chases opportunities.


A Fortune 150 Executive And Marketing Leader

T om Swegle is a serial entrepreneur who chases opportunities that focus on investing, developing and launching business entities that build value within the prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) biopharmaceutical and life sciences sectors. Example sectors include clinical pharmaceutical organizations, e-commerce pet medications, and medical marijuana companies.

His expertise is not restricted to biopharmaceutical advisory services as he has led the successful completion of multiple projects focused on market and healthcare industries. Tom’s broad experience includes establishing multiple collaborations within the dermatological, dental prescription and OTC markets as well.



01 / MedCara Pharmaceuticals

Clinical Pharmaceutics, Drug Development, Approval and Distribution


02 / Blaze Marketing

Merging the art and science of strategic brand communications


03 / VetCara

Caring for Pets, Supporting Vets


04 / MedPharm Holdings

Formulating the Future of Cannabis

MedCara Pharmaceuticals was featured on Iowa Public Television’s, Iowa Entrepreneur.

A Fortune 150 Executive and Marketing Leader:

Tom received a “Gold” acknowledgement for healthcare branding by the National Healthcare Marketing Report. Tom has been fortunate to enjoy a diverse marketing and management career that has included key positions with well-known firms and brands including John Deere.

309 Court Ave, Ste 250 • Des Moines, Iowa 50309

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